Thursday, November 15, 2018

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Sight Unseen -- Reversing Current Back onto the Grid !!!

I made an error of judgement assuming I could reverse the direction of a killowatt hour meter to spin it backwards and send current back onto the grid using a diode in such a way that it overrode the Bewley archetype attached to it.

I had to simulate this error in Paul Falstad's electronic simulator, as well as in both LTSpice and Micro Cap, to see my blind spot.

Then, I posed the thought to myself: what would Eric do? He claimed that mere caps and coils is enough to replicate his prior experiment in Richmond, California, in which he used a synchronous generator to send current back onto the grid. So, how can I do this using Bewley's inspired diagrams from his book and paper on Transmission Waves?

It came to me that I had to return to my very first Bewley circuit...

...and duplicate its basic idea in which the output is an oscillating circuit when operating in drainage mode. So, I managed to fashion an LRC circuit (something I've never done before now) tuned to emulate the 60Hz sinewave of our A/C mains using the rightmost capacitor and adding a pair of coils and choosing one resistance to augment it to fine tune this LRC. It worked! Once I got a semblance of a sinewave of the same frequency as what is coming out of the grid, this artificial creation wants to lock into synchronous phase with this A/C wave whenever it is momentarily disturbed out of phase alignment with the grid's wave. Far out!!!

But I wasn't successful at this endeavor right away. Hence, my first Vimeo video...

...(updated with a one hour version to replace the prior three minute version) exhibits a huge buildup of voltage which was merely leaking out, rather than allowed to drain itself of, current. Hence, its waveform is messy.

But my second Vimeo video...

...shows the revised circuit with the LRC in place and a crude attempt on the far left of maintaining a surge level without too much loss or gain in 'maintain' mode. It is a free energy device in as much as any quantity of current can be returned to the grid using a reasonable buildup of voltage in the Bewley archetype. In my 'precharged' example,...

...almost fifteen amps RMS is being sent back to the grid using the 240 volt connections at our 'mains'.

The spikes rising upwards off of this artificially induced LRC sinewave towards the oscilloscope's baseline is probably due to arcing during switching shorting out voltage buildup. At least that's my guess. I don't really know why.