Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Simulations of an ideal, constant, current source initiated and magnified by an idealized AM receiver.

The internal resistance of an ideal current source is infinite. An independent current source with zero current is identical to an ideal open circuit. The voltage across an ideal current source is completely determined by the circuit it is connected to. When connected to a short circuit, there is zero voltage and thus zero power delivered. When connected to a load resistance, the voltage across the source approaches infinity as the load resistance approaches infinity (an open circuit). Thus, an ideal current source, if such a thing existed in reality, could supply unlimited power and so would represent an unlimited source of energy. - Wikipedia

Wikipedia actually defines free and unlimited energy as an ideal constant source of current under variable conditions of a load's resistance (what we would call an electrical appliance taxed to the max!). Since Paul Falstad already offers this as a standard component in his Electronic Simulator...

Then it's no surprise that I've never used it to develop overunity devices since it's already there ready to use!

But such things don't exist in the real world or else we'd hear about it, right? As something other than fables or stories?

Joseph Newman has managed to accomplish this with his Energy Machine as described in his most recent edition of his book...

And of course, Tesla invented one such device reported to us by an electrical engineer during a demonstration over a hundred years ago...

Naturally I'd be remiss not to share with you my glee in discovering that one of my creations actually performs a relatively constant output of energy especially whenever the load becomes very large...

And I'd be further remiss if I didn't try my luck at posting my research on Wikipedia...

Let's see how long it lasts before getting yanked off for the usual reasons, such as...
"There's no such thing as a free lunch", and
"Energy out must equal energy in", and so forth and so on, yada, yada, yada...

Thursday, June 8, 2017

A Model of Global Lightning - an excerpted simulation with background thunder.

The direct link to this video is ...

An animated GIF of this video is nearly 50 Mb here ...

A Global Model for Resonant Lightning Simulated as an Idealized Thundercloud.

I'm getting a lot of flack for proposing that I have a simulation of natural forces at work - global wide - that other scientists are unaware of supporting the loophole in the law of the Conservation of Energy provided by Noether's Theorem that energy need not be conserved under variation in time such as time dependent potential energy ...

But I trudge onward knowing that persecution comes readily whenever a new idea is put forward.😅

Monday, June 5, 2017

Resonant Oscillations of Lightning - An Ideal Thundercloud

Overunity usually evokes shock and disdain among those weary of too much liberalism applied to science. But what if an ideal thundercloud manages to magnify the initial conditions of its formation in a manner akin to negative resistance in which – rather than reducing amperage – resistance accelerates amperage without the lack of voltage interceding? In other words, no largess of resistance, nor lack of voltage, can disallow the acceleration of amperage undergoing the phenomenon known as negative resistance. On the contrary, normal resistance magnifies amperage when compressed under extreme pressure due to voltage having no where to discharge its energy. Thus, any occasional discharge – as from a lightning bolt – accelerates itself as if a small break or crack had erupted somewhere along the length of a garden hose whose water pressure has built up to excessive levels. Such a break – (in a stopped) garden hose or in any other compressed medium, such as: any areas of high pressure within a thundercloud – does not need a return path to complete a circuit despite conventional wisdom erroneously applying closed loop mentality to all electrical circuits regardless of need.

A gas discharge tube, such as: a neon bulb or a fluorescent tube considered separate from its ballast, exhibits negative resistance. And an ionized plasma formation within a thundercloud is a natural formation of a manmade gas discharge tube.

Such is the foundation for my presentation, below, offered for your mild amusement or edification – hopefully not for your disdain.

Also ...

Retroreflectors are a consumer product which embody the principle of phaseconjugation.

I developed this model of an ideal thundercloud in resonant oscillation with its immediate surroundings loosely derived from Eric Dollard's model of an LMD analog computer emulating a Tesla coil.

LMD - Longitudinal Magneto-Dielectric
TEM - Transverse Electro-Magnetic

Newton's Cradle exhibits transverse waves at either end while the energy translates into a longitudinal shock wave in resonance with the compressed medium in the center through which it must pass.

An ideal thundercloud (acting as an oscillator) will resonate its lightning discharges through the two inductors leading to ground - named in this model: 'lightning discharge' and 'lightning discharge #2' - and develop magnitudes of energy similar to this model.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

An Oscillating Tank Circuit from less than 100 pico Amps.

Better than a Hartley oscillator ...

An oscillating tank circuit of a few mega amps and giga volts initiated by less than 100 pico amps using a momentary surge from a snap switch.

Not only do the oscillations of this circuit never die, but they continue to escalate at a pace so small, that it would take a lot of patience to discern the change. Merely a momentary snap of the switch located near the antenna A/C source on the far left is required to get it going. But you could also hold the switch closed for too long and the outcome will remain the same. You'd just be wasting power.

This is a non-trapezoidally approximated simulation tied to a 1 second time frame for some weird reason. There's not much, if any, wiggle room for varying the values of any of its components. In other words, it's precisely tuned.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Mesmerizing Simulation with a Neon Bulb - Spark Gap and Tesla's Special Generator (pt.1)

During the first half of this video, I talk about my latest circuit design which I call 'mesmerizing', because that's how I feel about it. The addition of the spark gap - whose purpose is to emulate a neon bulb - and positioning it adjacent to a capacitor (in the center of this circuit's 'core') teaches me that it has been a mistake to assume (in past simulations) that spark gaps need to be connected in parallel with capacitors. Wow! Was I wrong! Together, in series, they pack a powerful punch capable of overcoming a huge resistance!

During the second half of this video, I speculate on Tesla's Special Generator postulated by William Lyne in his book, "Pentagon Aliens", and during this interview with Paul Scarzo ...

This speculation of mine is part one. Part two is shortly following. Here is a simulation used during the second half of the video posted, below ...

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

200 Amps - Improved

New and improved "Dial an Amp" with resistance in series with the transformer coils plus a more stable duty cycle which favors less undulation of output -- less randomized extremes of high versus low. The caveat is that I'm still tied to a time frame of 40µ seconds. But, at least, this still remains a non-trapezoidal approximated simulation of free energy from an aerial.


Monday, May 29, 2017

Perfect EV

Perfect output for an EV with an air core, pulsed motor coil of 50µH and 17.72mΩ.

Whatever U Want from an Open Circuit

Ćuk converter with an Example of its Use.

The Ćuk converter comes closest to my derivation of Eric Dollard's LMD composed of two capacitors and two inductors.

Dial an Amp from an Aerial

Aerial Energy at its Finest!
   * DIAL * AN * AMP *

The following simulations are generated by a Duty Cycle, of from 0.9% to 1.3% at 1Hz, placed upon a Load sourced from an Aerial. These simulations do not invoke trapezoidal approximations.

The following simulations have a Duty Cycle of either 2% or 3%.

In all these examples, the same Wattage is coming from the same Aerial Source. Yet, a vastly different outcome due to percentage of duration for discharging the two Central Capacitors, of 9 pico Farads each, into the Load.

Square Wave, Regulated Switching. Resonance - Does it Matter?

Monday, May 22, 2017

John Ernst Worrel Keely Genius or Fraud?

John Ernst Worrel Keely Genius or Fraud?
By Hans von Lieve

Finally, a definition/translation of that enigmatic expression of Keely's dating from the 1800's world of pipe organ master builders equivalent to the term of pure temperament tuning of exact ratios also known as Pythagorean.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Balanced Retention of Power

An almost perfectly balanced retention of power with very little escalation towards infinite output.

Spicy Boom

This brings about an instantaneous rise to infinite power maxing out LTSpice at 50 septillion amps and 100 million centillion watts!

Power Up!

Well, sometimes I won't use LTSpice but prefer to use the simulator of Paul Falstad...

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Narrow Minds Limit our Understanding of Free Energy

I know. It sounds crude and rude of me to say it.

But how else do you explain our inability to think outside the limitations of conventional thinking, by our young people, if they're supposed to be our hope for a better and brighter tomorrow?

So, I chalk it up to our compartmentalization, aka specialized training, in which we've been divided and conquered by the shrewdest philanthropists on the face of this planet who are hell bent on keeping us ignorant of our destiny to have and to hold a bright and prosperous future just as free energy thinkers envision it: peace, plenty, self-revelation and cosmic mind.

But I say ...
No more of this Malthusian Doctrine of limited resources to support Manifest Destiny, nor its more recent incarnation: Imminent Domain, spreading around violent and legalized takeover of someone else's resources just because it's there ripe for the stealing. We have everything we need to support 10 billion souls alive on this planet at the same time. Buckminster Fuller said so. And if he said so, then that's good enough for me. He also said that the only thing standing in our way of a better life is distribution, or its lack. The haves have, and the have-nots do not, simply because the haves are in charge leaving the have-nots to do without.

Well, that's got to change. We can't enter into a technological Heaven on Earth and drag Hell in with us. Hell stays where it is and where it belongs: in the deepest reaches of insidious minds incapable of reason or reflection upon karma, dharma (the other destiny: the destiny of the soul; not the destiny of greedy little minds) and reincarnation. If a person can't believe in these three things, then what business is it of mine to try and talk some sense into a thick coconut (of a brain) concerning the topic of free energy?

The bottom line is that we've been hoodwinked into being made dumb where we could have been more effective and knowledgeable wherein we can't improve the necessities of life.

Take optics, for instance.
Who cares if we build a better laser?

Granted, we've got reflectors - retroreflectors - due to phase conjugation and wave discontinuity diverging away from our comfortable notions of limited resources enough to save lives during night time driving by reflecting our headlights right back to whomever sent them at whatever angle of incidence they were sent out -- even if not at a direct perpendicular of 90 degrees. Now, that's progress for ya!

But we could do better and I'm here to tell you how we're not doing so.

The field of optics has saved lives by the invention of the retroreflector, but optical scientists don't produce power supplies. Who ever heard of plugging in our appliances into an optical power supply? Get my drift?

In the field of electrodynamics, where power supplies matter most to us, young student engineers are not taught about phase conjugation like their partners in optics so as to keep electrical engineers dumb on the topic of free energy.

See my point? We're stupid by design and we have only ourselves to thank for it since we always get whatever it is that we deserve. So, collectively speaking: we're spoiled rotten on the one hand with a tremendously resourceful country and its peoples, yet ludicrously ignorant of our full potential. How does that grab ya? If you're not angry like me, you aught to be or else I just wasted my time!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Infinity Mirrors Escalate Surges in LTSpice

I managed to get LTSpice to surge its output towards infinity, but only by using either 'modified trap' or 'trapezoidal' approximations. If I used 'Gear' method for approximating the results, then the simulation lost all of its luster. Or if I used LTSpice's 'alternate' method for sparsing its data, then the results were the same as not using any variety of trapezoidal approximation methods. Or if I removed one of the two central capacitors from between the two bookend transformers, then the results were a different waveform, but the intensity of output flat lined just like taking the more conventional approaches listed above.
This doesn't mean I'm a failure at getting LTSpice to exhibit free energy since I learned along the way that the persistent desire to use these alternatives removes free energy surges from our consciousness as a social convention -- not because we have to.
What's a perfect example of free energy surges? Infinity mirrors -- a pair of parallel mirrors setup on opposite sides of a room, and with adequate lighting, you get something similar to what I'm trying to convince people can occur in electrodynamics as well as in the field of optics. The important distinction is the additional phase conjugation due to the two bookend transformers insuring that the intensity does not diminish over time. So, this is not exactly like infinity mirrors. But they come pretty close to exhibiting this style of electrodynamic behavior in their own way.
The physics behind infinity mirrors tells us that Gabriel's Horn is at work, here. And Gabriel's Horn looks a lot like the Cornucopia Horn of Plenty ...

... one of the four pillars of the Aquarian, Age of Enlightenment: the other three pillars being Peace, Inner Guidance and Cosmic Mind according to Charlie Lutes whom I like to quote as often as possible seeing as how he figured so much in my adolescent training.

The properties of a phase conjugate waveform - up close and personal!

The Circuit
This is what happens if an integration method other than some form of 'trapezoidal' is used to compute the data points which go to make up the oscilloscope plot, namely: the 'Gear' method ... 

Gear Integration Method

The following graphic shows the difference between using merely one central capacitor versus two. This is very similar to having only one mirror versus two facing each other on opposite sides of a room creating the phenomena known as 'Infinity Mirrors' just as these two central capacitors face each other on opposite sides between two bookend transformers in the center of the circuit ...
Infinite Reflection vs NOT
This is the power supply plus its load minus the amplifying circuit ...

The circuit for this blog ...
Very short duration to see the waveform up close and personal ...

Infinite reflection vs NOT ...
Why do people take a dim view of my simulations exhibiting escalation towards infinity? Because of 'roundoff error' or, they fault the capacitor or transformer model as being unrealistic due to numerical oscillations.
Yet, in each of these cases, no error has occurred. Merely, their expectations have been tarnished since they were never taught in electrical engineering school who Steinmetz was nor the apparent value which I see in studying, managing and harnessing electrical surges ...
{loads into this ...}
This is the simulator used in the examples, above ...

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Amplifying a Simulated Circuit on Steroids!

The prior simulated circuit had a 1 micro second time step. Above that, it would not behave expansively, but merely like any other conventional circuit with a hum drum output. Well, here is the same circuit simulated using ten times more data points to compute at 100 nano second time step...
For comparison, here is the power supply and its load of an air core coil rated at 1.7 kilo Henrys minus the amplifying circuit...
 But if I reset the Integration Method under Control Panel to 'Gear', then I get predictable results...

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Amplfying Circuit

They said it couldn't be done: design a simulation of an electrical circuit which surges towards infinite output in a matter of seconds! Well... Here it is crafted in LTSpice along with a spicy foto...
I posted this question over at the All About Circuits forum.
Here's the contents of the .ASC file which is a binary text file loaded into the simulator...
{Hint -- Use a binary text editor or LTSpice to edit this.}
Version 4
SHEET 1 1468 932
WIRE 48 416 -16 416
WIRE 240 416 48 416
WIRE 368 416 304 416
WIRE 496 416 448 416
WIRE 576 416 496 416
WIRE 704 416 704 352
WIRE 704 416 640 416
WIRE 816 416 704 416
WIRE 896 416 816 416
WIRE 1024 416 976 416
WIRE 1312 416 1088 416
WIRE 1408 416 1312 416
WIRE -16 432 -16 416
WIRE 48 496 -16 496
WIRE 112 496 48 496
WIRE 224 496 192 496
WIRE 240 496 224 496
WIRE 496 496 304 496
WIRE 608 496 496 496
WIRE 672 496 608 496
WIRE 816 496 736 496
WIRE 1024 496 816 496
WIRE 1184 496 1088 496
WIRE 1312 496 1264 496
WIRE 1408 496 1408 480
WIRE 1408 496 1312 496
WIRE 224 528 224 496
WIRE 608 528 608 496
WIRE 1408 544 1408 496
WIRE 608 640 608 608
WIRE 608 752 608 720
FLAG 608 912 0
FLAG 704 272 0
FLAG 224 528 0
FLAG 1408 544 0
SYMBOL cap 0 432 M0
SYMATTR Value 1p
SYMBOL ind2 224 400 R0
SYMATTR Value 100n
SYMATTR Type ind
SYMBOL ind2 288 400 R0
SYMATTR Value 100n
SYMATTR Type ind
SYMBOL ind2 1008 400 R0
SYMATTR Value 100n
SYMATTR Type ind
SYMBOL ind2 1072 400 R0
SYMATTR Value 100n
SYMATTR Type ind
SYMBOL cap 1392 416 R0
SYMATTR Value 1p
SYMBOL res 32 400 R0
SYMATTR Value 1k
SYMBOL res 480 400 R0
SYMATTR Value 1k
SYMBOL res 800 400 R0
SYMATTR Value 1k
SYMBOL res 1296 400 R0
SYMATTR Value 1k
SYMBOL res 992 400 R90
WINDOW 0 0 56 VBottom 2
WINDOW 3 32 56 VTop 2
SYMATTR Value 100n
SYMBOL res 464 400 R90
WINDOW 0 0 56 VBottom 2
WINDOW 3 32 56 VTop 2
SYMATTR Value 100n
SYMBOL res 1280 480 R90
WINDOW 0 0 56 VBottom 2
WINDOW 3 32 56 VTop 2
SYMATTR Value 100n
SYMBOL res 208 480 R90
WINDOW 0 0 56 VBottom 2
WINDOW 3 32 56 VTop 2
SYMATTR Value 100n
SYMBOL voltage 608 736 R0
WINDOW 123 0 0 Left 2
WINDOW 39 0 0 Left 2
SYMATTR Value SINE(0 300 1800)
SYMBOL res 592 816 R0
SYMATTR InstName R10
SYMATTR Value 100n
SYMBOL res 688 256 R0
SYMATTR InstName R11
SYMATTR Value 100n
SYMBOL cap 640 400 R90
WINDOW 0 0 32 VBottom 2
WINDOW 3 32 32 VTop 2
SYMATTR Value 10p
SYMBOL cap 736 480 R90
WINDOW 0 0 32 VBottom 2
WINDOW 3 32 32 VTop 2
SYMATTR Value 10p
SYMBOL ind 592 512 R0
SYMATTR Value 1.7k
SYMBOL res 592 624 R0
SYMATTR Value 1.5
TEXT 216 392 Left 2 !K1 L1 L2 0.999
TEXT 992 392 Left 2 !K2 L3 L4 0.999
TEXT 1032 312 Left 2 !.tran 0 1055m 0 1u
TEXT -32 304 Left 5 ;