Friday, June 2, 2017

Mesmerizing Simulation with a Neon Bulb - Spark Gap and Tesla's Special Generator (pt.1)

During the first half of this video, I talk about my latest circuit design which I call 'mesmerizing', because that's how I feel about it. The addition of the spark gap - whose purpose is to emulate a neon bulb - and positioning it adjacent to a capacitor (in the center of this circuit's 'core') teaches me that it has been a mistake to assume (in past simulations) that spark gaps need to be connected in parallel with capacitors. Wow! Was I wrong! Together, in series, they pack a powerful punch capable of overcoming a huge resistance!

During the second half of this video, I speculate on Tesla's Special Generator postulated by William Lyne in his book, "Pentagon Aliens", and during this interview with Paul Scarzo ...

This speculation of mine is part one. Part two is shortly following. Here is a simulation used during the second half of the video posted, below ...

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